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About Us

Sarah Hechler Social Media is a freelance social media management and consulting company. Our goal is to make your life as a business owner easier or take some weight off your Marketing Director’s plate. Social Media is our passion as we are constantly researching the latest trends and updates across every platform, so you don’t have to.

It’s time for everyone to get social.

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We offer a wide variety of products to fit every businesses need. Whether you need a complete social media take-over, or perhaps your in-house marketing director needs to fine tune their skills.

Social Management

Did you know there are 2 billion users on Facebook? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+ are examples of platforms we work with. We will take full control of your profiles or work with you to build impressions and gain maximum exposure.


We offer 1 to 2 hour social media seminars that will leave you not only inspired but fully capable of managing your businesses platforms. We will dive into the native posts for each medium, followed by a workshop to help you better understand this digital world. We will meet with the business owner, your marketing director, or your entire team to provide you with industry […]


Do you know if you customers are more female or male? Each month we will provide you with in depth analytics for each platform. This demographic data that not only helps us perform our duties better, but provides you with crucial information of your company or business.


3 Need creative shots of your products? Or do you have an upcoming event that you want to capture?


We work with a wide variety of businesses and organizations. Take a look at our current clients pages.
carriage-crossing-200-pixels_555121910Carriage Crossing is a large outdoor shopping center in Collierville, TN. They host over 60 retail shops, boutiques and restaurants. ovpc_logo
Old Venice Pizza Company is an amazing franchise in Memphis, TN and Oxford, MS that has eclecticItalian fare with a southern creole twist.
semmes_murphey_logo Semmes-Murphey Medical Clinic is a large neurological and spinal medical facility that houses over 40 doctors from all over the globe.
Blue Moon Yoga & Fitness is not only a yoga studio but a place for their "yogis" to large_778escape their busy & hectic lives and focus on their time on the mat. Always adding new and exciting classes to keep their students in shape both physically and mentally.
paradigm-logo Paradigm Marketing & Creative is a full service marketing agency that can transform the personality of your business and create a voice for you.